Saturday, April 28, 2012

20 April
At 5 am, I am woken up by birds in full vocal chirping. It is light and bright and the birds are rejoicing. It was a marvelous sunny hot day. This afternoon I even set up two out door chairs and sat down in one with Dalhouise in the other to soak up some sun.  Noni joined me for a little while - but she sat on the cabin steps.
But before I could enjoy the sun I had to earn my living.  Breakfast was Continental style -- boiled eggs, CB, toast, blueberry bagel, Hawaiian muffins,fresh purple grapes and thawed frozen blueberries, fruit salad, grapefruit.
    Lunch I made a vegetarian chili and a meat chili.  Served more potato soup and increased the salad bar once more.
Supper was so easy - staff all went to Whistler for the afternoon, leaving Noni and I to feed 6 guests.  So I fed them spaghetti and meat sauce and I used the vegetarian chili as the sauce and warmed up the samosa for the one vegetarian that was here - figures always has to be one.  Noni made cake both for desert and another flavor for snack later. I also served a Caesar salad with fresh bacon bits thus I had to have a separate one for the vegetarian,
I minced up some fresh garlic and smashed in butter and lavishly covered 3 home made loaves of bread and then grilled this  That was supper and also I heated the soup one last time.
Well the electrician did not show up so still no mixer.  Tv is still not working.  I do have a phone now 

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