Saturday, April 28, 2012

23 April
A long, long day has just occurred.  I began work at 7am and stopped at 7:30 pm with no sit down breaks.  I stood and ate my breakfast - a bowl of porridge. 9 am the electricians  arrived and disrupted my morning, but a good disruption - they have installed the 20 amp plug. I also found why we are running out of hot water - we have two hot water tanks in the kitchen trailer and one is not working.
It was very difficult trying to work with them in our tiny kitchen so I sent Noni to the cabin to have a break - I stayed and finished cooking potatoes  for salad and  other things.
Sysco is very late today - we are to have a morning delivery - but today the truck shows up at 1:30 just as I was finishing the clean up from lunch. My not so favorite driver was driving today - as he was backing in I could tell right away he just missed taking out the two satellite dishes that provide  TV and internet here at camp. It is not a tight spot and other drivers don't seem to have a problem - but this driver... last year I was so angry with him, but it is now a new year - new beginnings. 
As the truck is unloaded we hear a crying dog. Under the deck a dog is stuck, crying, whimpering. One of the staff comes by (Richard) and I tell him - I can not crawl under the deck or even get down to look under it. It is raining - it is muddy - it is cold. Richard crawls under the but he can not reach the dog (Ralphy) Alex and Sarah come to the kitchen and I draft them into the dog rescue process.  Alex crawls under the deck - the three are now involved in the process and it is determined that the pup Ralphy is caught on a plastic strap. Lots going on, both on the top of the deck and under the deck all in the rain.  All is well - the pup manages to get free and dog and human are able to get out from under the wooden deck, delivery is unloaded, and I now have the task of putting every thing away. All 4 freezers are now plug in - I had more freezer items than I first thought so I had to plug in the last freezer. 
So you are thinking - what did I make with the mixer that was so long anticipated in coming and being connected?  Cookies  ---  4 lb of margarine 3 qt flour, 3qt oats, 2kg brown sugar, 16 eggs we have about 120 giant cookies (red handle ice cream scoop).
Breakfast  -- Fried eggs, bacon, toasted English muffins
Lunch -- Hard shell taco only - soft tortilla flour shells and sour cream on truck that is not here.
Soup - turkey noodle.    I did not eat lunch.
Supper -- BBQ chicken -home made BBQ sauce , Fried Rice, Mixed vegetables and we made fresh hot buttermilk T biscuits that were served right from the oven.   And  ----
--- surprise surprise we seem to have an additional half dozen people here for supper. If that is not enough of a surprise I have another. One new guess comes to the serving window and asks me what can she eat - she is gluten free and a vegetarian.  My vegetarian choice is a flour tortilla wrap with humus and cheese.  Well I have left over vegetarian chili so she gets that. Put it in a bowl and go to the microwave and find out the power breakers are blown - too many things plug into the power bar. Milk fridge, Hot water, Microwave. Owner asked why did not happen last year - I inform him that we have moved around things since last year and that last year we were plug in direct to the wall plug. So after supper he brings an extension cord and plugs the microwave directly to the wall plug.
---- And --Noni made two lemon meringue pies all from scratch. Guest and staff are wowed - fresh warm cookies - oven warm T biscuits - and Pie right from the oven. 
Like I said it was a long, long day - time to have a shower and lay down because my legs hurt - my knees hurt

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