Sunday, April 29, 2012

29 April

29 April
Sunday – a day to join with other believers to worship the risen Lord and Savior. Noni and I stayed the night in the condo so that we could go to church before heading back to camp to cook lunch for the 30 people arriving today. In theory it was a good idea – but in practice forget it. My mind was not in worship mode – concerned about Dalhouise in the car – concern about the lap top in the car – concern about the groceries wilting in the car – concern about what I must do once I get back to camp, salad bar prep, soup making and supper running in my head. I made lasagna. Meat and vegi lasagna and a gluten free choice. So just before the sermon we left. Oh the gas gauge is low so I decided to get some gas but first I had to stop for a red light. Just as my turning light turned green three cars in the opposite direction turned into the gas station that was free just seconds before. I hope this is not a sign of up coming events for this week. So as I arrive at camp am met at the gate by Jordan – everyone is looking for me – first thoughts was about meal time – but I am not late so ...
I drive next to the kitchen to unload the car when Steve comes up to me. Staff smelled gas – over kill – they turned off the main propane gas value for the kitchen – YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!
I am aware that I have a pilate light that keeps blowing out, so there will be a little odor of gas. Head ache – it is a pain in the butt to light all the stoves and ovens again. But I guess it is better to be safe than sorry because they did not know.
The group arrives and I have a very serious wheat allergy – extreme allergy. More stress because I do not want to kill any one – that would be hard to deal with.

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