Saturday, April 28, 2012

19 April
Breakfast - French toast and bacon
Lunch - Quiche - Beef Vegetable soup and a larger salad bar. Owner came in to eat today and made the comment that the salad bar every day is getting bigger.  We are not yet at full out put - but we are getting there.
Supper - Roast turkey, gravy, cranberries, creamy mashed potatoes, frozen peas, home made bread, dressing also..
Noni made samosas and a chocolate cup cake with cream cheese topping.
The spring staff are arriving – some came late for supper - some are still at the airport.
Still no TV and of course phone should come tomorrow.
Tomorrow I hear the electrician is sending one of his workers to install the plug so I can use the new mixer - so excited about that.
Dalhouise has forgiven me - now back at my side on the couch. Rain now - this morning sunshine - cloud in the afternoon. Feeling cool and damp.

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