Saturday, April 28, 2012

24 April
Poke - poke - Noni is poking me. Says something about the time- I look at the alarm clock -  it is 7:05 am.  I was so tired last night that after my shower I immediately crawled into bed and fell asleep. However it was not an all night sleep through.  Dalhouise woke me up two times to be let out. I opened the door and let him go and then would go back to bed - he would wake me up when he came back to the door by scratching and woofing.  I do not sleep soundly when he goes out at night - I am like a worried parent waiting for the child to come home from a date. But this is much better than having to get dressed - go down the stairs - walk Dalhouise at the condo in the middle of the night.  But I worry about predators that might be lurking in the woods when he does this.  I brought to the cabin some chicken to eat - put the bones in the garbage - I think he went into the garbage and ate these. I often do not eat till I am finish work - do not feel like eating right after service so I bring my supper to the cabin to eat after I have a chance to relax.
Health Inspector came and went. Very happy - all is well. Nothing to really fix or change.  Dish room floor needs to be resealed with a water repellent ( it is a wooden floor).  We need to sanitize door nobs and paper towel handles daily.
My body is still a little wore out from yesterday - but at 2 pm I am taking my break.  I have a roast beef in the oven right now - at 3 will go take it internal temperature and take out of the oven if it is at 120 f.  At 4 pm will return again to kitchen to finished cooking supper.   Bread is all done - made this morning. Having spiced potatoes - these are cut and spiced  tossed in oil waiting to be placed in the oven - fresh carrots sliced . Apple crisp is prepared - will cook this at 4:30.
Lunch - Mac and cheese.  I counted the salad bar items  -- 30 different choices. 
So the day is done. Supper is served and cleaned up. Our guest have eaten and have left the camp. Staff has set up tables - this is the official beginning. Our first school group arrives tomorrow for lunch. 94 mouths are the listed number I am to prepare for.

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