Saturday, April 28, 2012

April 25 - 26
I was sent in an email this question: " What if you were to wake up one morning having left to you only the things you were thankful for the day before...?!"
At times when I pray - I will rattle off thanks to God for this and that and there is no meaning - no heart behind the words. Just a habit that I have gotten into.  But is this a bad habit - we are always to be polite and say please and thank you's to people - is our relationship to God to be any different? - and a habit does not mean at times our heart and soul are not behind the words. But back to the question - how much of life do we take for granted - how much kindness - goodness we just take and don't appreciate -  not really thankful for: We grow a accustomed too -and will not miss until it is taken from us - then - then what?
     Last night interesting thoughts filling my head. Yesterday was another very long day. First group in of the camp year.  My listing says 94 people -- but we ended up with 13 tables so some ones math is not correct. We set tables of 8 people. I was prepared for 12 tables expecting 11 full tables and one table of 4 or 6 guests. Very wet all day - Rain.
Guest arrive 10:30ish all boys, I forgot how much boys eat..  I think they they haven't eaten in days - everything was devoured. Lunch Fajita's with chicken noodle soup and carrot ginger soup. 32 items on Salad bar and a large insert of mac and cheese and cold cuts from the other day - gone. It takes a lot of time to prepare the salads for our salad bar - I am glad they like it and eat - but it makes one heart drop too all that work of beauty devoured - and now so much time again to rebuild.  I know - it is my job. And I do love it! I am thankful that they enjoyed it and ate it.  One of the good things - we have spare held back in the kitchen so it is not do it all over again today.  It was another day of 12 hours on my feet with only one 1/2 break day.  Supper Chicken pot pie  with T biscuit topping - Fried rice with peas and corn mixed in - Carrot sticks as a vegi - Noni made chocolate cup cakes from scratch  32 x3 times.and we still ran out.
So as I was saying last night going to bed I had thoughts in my head about meeting Jesus. I had an appointment to go meet him. One part of it was in a formal meeting that was to  happen - and then it was us walking together alone near the forests.  The formal part brought some fear - not bad fear - the kind you get when you know you are meeting some one very important. Even though there was some anxiety at first - bad fear - but it disappeared when I mentality said I was going to meet a friend. As the second part took place -  I pictured Jesus like he is in one of my favorite paintings of him - He was happy - smiling and we enjoyed being with each other.  Then I fell to sleep in a deep sleep.
Maybe this is the Holy Spirit telling me - I need to make time to read my bible and pray again - because this week my routine is all out of wack and I am missing  time with Jesus. 
The second part was joyful.
Go to the kitchen 7:05 am ---  not so happy - messy looking - my kitchen helper seems to have just got tired and left everything.
Noni  and I have to clean the front dinning area - we set up breakfast yogurt / fruit salad area - which makes me late in preparing the main course. Not a good day to start the day.
Breakfast: Egg Mc muffins. 
Lunch Pizza and I even tried making my own crust. Haven't done that since I worked at Iawah way back in the 1980's.  I did a half bought and half home made.  Salad bar now has 34 items to choose from .
Supper: Sheppard Pie, Carrot/Celery sticks, Gravy  Banana pudding.
Another 12 hour  shift. I did sit down for a 10 minute staff meeting at 11am with the program director - This is to happen every day. Then at 4:30 sat down again for a coffee break- my legs and feet are so sore. I am too old for this!!!
7:30 limp to the cabin and plop down on the couch... Is it October yet?

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