Monday, May 20, 2013

Afternoon Off

Monday, May 20, 2013

The long weekend is finally mine. Fed the group Scrambled eggs and sausage and toast - hot and cold cereals - yogurts and fruit salad for their breakfast. Prepared bag lunch ingredients - turkey, beef, salami, ham - humus - egg salad, cheese slices for their sandwich making. Cookies, fresh fruit and juice for their water bottles. The bus arrived and they boarded leaving the camp peaceful and quiet leaving the staff behind to clean and reset for tomorrows arrivals.
I cleaned the kitchen went to the cabin - laid down and fell asleep right away. A couple of hours later woke up from a deep sleep nap. Well that was not planned but Needed.
Ok - I still want to go find a geo cache so off to town we go..
What should had been a very peaceful relaxing time ended up in a little tiff - and not so joyful afternoon -- but all is good now - but !!!!!!!!!

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  1. Funny how those naps can sneak up on you sometimes, especially when you work in camping! You don't always realize how tired you are until you wake up after a three hour nap you weren't planning on taking. Glad you had some good times with your long weekend.