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Friday, May 03, 2013

Well this day - Today the health inspector arrived just after our delivery truck arrived - bad timing or what. Well not actually. The kitchen crew had everything put away zippy zip and the girls listened to me as I gave instructions on how to organize and reorganize the freezers. Actually last night I was in the kitchen late organizing the walk in cooler and in the dry storage organizing the shelves and cleaning. We were ready for inspection by morning. I had made sure everything was dated and labeled and threw out left over foods that I can't use.
Delivery could had thrown a wrench into the gears - but - no - not this day.
Walk in cooler temperatures recovered well - freezers are loaded to the brim with the thermometer on top - and timing from loading dock to proper storage was almost immediate - Can't go wrong with that.
Then I was able to walk around with Health Inspector answering questions and explaining our procedures for salad bar which is a concern of the inspector - but all is well.
This day's order is large 5000 dollars in preparation for next week - and this is only half -- next week we will be feeding about 120 people for a couple of days and then 200 for three days or so. This is max for our lodging - More blogs later on that....
Relief - I went to the AGM for our condo strata. Remember I was the president last year - well this year I was not voted on council -******* RELIEF****
I did not realize the stress of all this strata business was having on me until I was driving home - I had about a 20 km car ride so I had time to think - and as I was driving I could feel the weight lift off my shoulders literally. Relief indeed...
Eighteen days straight with no days off - Relief is in sight - I got half of today off and tomorrow and half of Sunday OFF.
Noni is safe in Indonesia - Relief - I am not worried about her traveling there - but still concern about her return trip - Funeral is tomorrow I believe - then she will be returning Tuesday evening just in time for our huge group....
--so what did I do today after work - i went geo caching and found three. What will I be doing tomorrow - yes you guest it correct - I will be geo caching. I hope to go to Vancouver area and search a park that I see has several caches.
This should take all day....
I understand that the weather forecast is sunny and hot - perfect - a time to relax - and just chill before the stress of next week. This Day is a day of Relief...

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