Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The first stress es

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

What a week so far - the group here is eating me out of house and home. I am feeding 100 souls and 95% are growing boys. They are eating everything in sight. I am happy they are eating - don't get me wrong - but the more they eat the more I have to do to replace and refill on the salad bar. Salads that normally would last two meals are gone before the end of the first meal.

I have a new kitchen helper and a newer kitchen helper who are still in the training stage of learning how we do things here at camp - how I want things done - and where everything is and where everything goes back too after it is used. Every kitchen equipment has a place - food in the walk in cooler has its own spot - nothing worse than going in in a hurry to get something and it is not where I had left it..

Stress of the first meals of camp - menu ordering - cleaning - cooking for 100 people.

Noni - my wife - found out her father was in the hospital - was sent home - but has a feeding hose/ tube - so she has been upset over that -- and then last night THE phone call came.
We had just gone to bed - her father has passed away. That became a very late night -- In the morning we scramble to get her a flight home -- Jakarta Indonesia -- we do but it took all day to gt the confirmation.. all the while I was also working in the kitchen preparing the meals and accepting and putting away the food delivery. (Started work at 6:30 am)
After work tonight ( 7pm) I drive Noni to Vancouver International airport and see her off.( Home 12:30am)

The week is not over yet - I still have to manage an AGM for our strata on May 1st as I am the president of the council - and we have several issues to bring before the owners of the strata - one in particular is stressful for me as my name is all over a lawyer bill that the strata has to pay - and some think not..

So how has your week been??????/

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