Friday, May 10, 2013

Scarey or what?

Friday, May 10, 2013

I look like some kind of evil warlock brewing something - and it has only been a couple of days in this crazy - crazy week - what will I look like in five months??

lunch preparation

hungry - hungry

These are the two kitchen girls that are having such a pull on the guys to hang around the kitchen -
-- the saga continues - the boys are making head way with their persistence - I understand each of of them and both of them will be hanging out with my young kitchen helper this weekend. I am not given all the details - not sure if both will have alone time with her- one will be for sure they are going to see a comedian and the other guy will be meeting them afterwards and then I do not know what.. Gone form wanting nothing to do with them to this in a very short time - we still have five months --hey we still have additional 20 staff to come yet before this gig is all done.. more choices of guys!!

- Yes I have had to use my fear factor and tell the guys to leave my girls alone during meal working times - and another time or two they were just hanging around talking while they were doing all the work in the dish pit - so I told them if they were going to talk they had to work also - which they did and the girls finished doing the dishes quite fast - making everyone happy. I like win win situations. Then the boys had to go to their program areas to do their own jobs- so maybe they got the short stick of the deal - well not really they had time with their young hearts crush...

My Love

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