Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Young Love - Puppy Love

Monday, May 06, 2013

Young Love - Puppy Love - so funny to watch.
Ok - the one young woman that I hired is very cute - during the interview I warned her about the possibilities of other staff boys hitting on her - that dating at camp is acceptable but has to be very discrete. She is not interested in dating - she wants to travel when this contract is finished.
Young woman number two has been hired and she is just as cute.
What has this got to do with kitchen and camp life ... well I am getting a influx of young males hanging around the kitchen.
One young lad - well he followed one of the girls around like a puppy whenever he was not required to be else where - my kitchen girl actually told him she had to work and that he should not be in an area that he was in. That was on Friday.
Today Monday - we have another young lad hanging around trying to make conversation with her - and me and when I tease my kitchen girl she turns red as a beet.
When I asked a few more questions - I understand there is even another guy - a little more discrete is hitting on her as well .. I said she was cute.
Ok what about the second kitchen helper - yes she has a guy - but both of them are connecting and keeping it very discrete - I couldn't see it. Now that I do - OK - I see it could be - he is hanging around just a bit more lately than before.
Last year we had a more even pairing of girl and guys on staff and almost everyone hooked up. That was bad - we actually lost staff - after they broke up and the new pairing occurred - the other broken hearted one could not bear working - living with the new coupling...

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