Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Lighthouse Park - and Time

Saturday, May 04, 2013

Time - when I work I must watch the clock constantly. What time are the meals - when do I have to start cooking - when does the roast or turkey have to go into the oven - out of the oven. How long does it take to prepare the salad bar - how long to make this - am I taking to long - multi tasking - keeping an eye on my staff are they taking too long to do their tasks - Yes I am always watching the time.
Last week or was it two weeks ago - time flies by - I went hiking with the staff to High Falls - so you think I had time off - eh? Well yes I was out of the kitchen - but at the back of my mind I was thinking - what was I going to cook for supper - how long would it take to cook - etc etc. So my point is I am always under time.
I live -breath camp - work for the next six months - always on my mind..
Today as I was driving to Vancouver my first thoughts were I must hurry up - gotta get back to cook - back to work... - Oh -- NO- I don't I am off!!! I can relax - I can stay away all day if I wish - there is no time restrictions on me this day. Noni is away - Dalhouise is with me - I have my bag lunch and if need be I can eat out tonight - I am Free...
Well I am home again - and I had a reasonable day - but now my mind is running like crazy thinking about tomorrow's meal and preparation and thinking about next week - the food order I must do - what food I already have
Pressure - stress I take my job too seriously.. But I love my job...

(I went geo caching today - frustration - joyless is the overall feelings I have about this day.
The area I was looking in had many trails and side trails and unless you were on the correct trail it was almost impossible to find. I had a hard time finding ground zero -
I did find ground zero two times and no cache could be found.
several more times I just could not find ground zero - but wander around on so many paths
I however did find two caches so all is not lost.
There is a little JOY - look what I saw.

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