Monday, May 13, 2013

Another Monday

It's a Monday Again

Monday, May 13, 2013

Monday - It was a good weekend. I accomplished all my plans on Saturday with my mother. Sunday I went to church came home to the cabin and just chilled for the rest of the weekend.
Fed 20 staff breakfast cheese omelets and toast. Lunch time the school group has arrived and I cooked 150 grill cheese sandwiches - tomato soup and approximately a 30 item salad bar. I think they ate 20L of soup.
Supper will be teriyaki chicken - rice - corn - jello... Vegetarians will eat cannelloni and the "high maintenance girl will eat fish.

My kitchen girls had a good weekend. I think it is official girl one is now dating boy one. Boy two is still around but she has made a decision - I actually caught her giving him a hug this morning...
I also was told that both boys ended up going to her home for the weekend. So I was making jokes about meeting the parents....
Girl two - not too much to report on -she went camping with her Irish lad on Friday night. Saturday night they stayed in her cabin since she had it it all to herself ... I understand they also made a quick drive home to her parents home on Sunday..

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