Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Life in the Kitchen ges on

Life in the Kitchen goes on

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Well it is day two within the short staffed kitchen . The other camp staff are working double duty doing dishes and washing pots and helping somewhat with general set up of our dining tent. They are getting the job done kind of - I am biting my tongue and closing my eyes to the standards I train my regular help too do. I really miss my two team mates. When will they be replaced ?- will they bond with Noni and I? Will they be good workers? - Stress ...........
Breakfast today was only 11 tables of eight - lunch we had 9 tables of eight and then as soon as they left we had our second meal setting of 13 tables of eight. Yes another day with just under 200 mouths to feed.
I cooked 49 pizza's in total for lunch and a large pot of chicken soup and our amazing salad bar.
Supper we had beef and I chopped and cooked 60 pounds of potatoes.. and made carrot sticks to place on each table for their vegetables. If I cook vegetables they often don't eat them , so I find if I give them raw they eat more and I have less waste.

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