Friday, May 24, 2013

Slam that door on the way out

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Jealousy - anger -stress. The drama has not fully ended yet - there was a spark of hope that one if not two of my kitchen helpers would had a chance to being brought back. |That door was slammed shut last night. The owner had a staff meeting with the "program" people to discuss their thoughts and feelings - I hate that feelings part of camp life - I am not a feeling kind of guy. My life is in black and white - not democratic - owner - boss - manger decides what to do and does it regardless of "feelings" of others. Yes you can listen to others ---ah!!
Well I was not part of that meeting but I did hear enough - he is bringing back one of the program staff to give a second chance too ( he was involved in a minor way of breaking THEE camp rule) but as far as my kitchen girls - no way - I heard a couple of the girls become upset when they talked about a return.
My wife and I had talked about this before - we believe it is because my two kitchen girls ware so pretty - actually the prettiest on site - and tout of jealousy and had to keep them away. The person who was the most angry about their return and vocal is a girl who I know is very jealous and whom I have a major problem dealing with - she pushes all my buttons the wrong way - I have even told the owner to tell his director to keep her away from me as much as possible. Well hearing her talk has put me in a very angry mood now and after the meeting I had a conversation with the owner... Stressful. But a lot of this is flowing still from last years kitchen nightmares. If I have a repeat of last year with kitchen help and issues - I will walk away - it could not get worse and well it was living HELL. I will not go through that again... and that is one reason why I wanted my two girls back. I do not care about the program staff's feelings - we really do not have much involvement with them we work in our own bubble in a hot - walled - area with - dealing with all the dirty dishes and mess left behind after each meal - while they go play with the children in the great open spaces. Yes I know that can be hard too but it is different - kitchen people must get along and work well with each other as there is little room to have your own space. I am dealing with deadlines that must be met - my meals must be on time - but more importantly - I must be aware of FOOD Safe practices at all times - including what the girls are doing in the dish pit- dining tent - and restocking of condiments.
I have walked in and noticed that the dish machine soap is empty or even the wrong chemical was being used ( just because it was red ) we have two red chemicals and they didn't bother to read the label just looked at the color. We are nut free here at camp - I do not order foods with nuts - Sysco pickers either subsidize or just pick wrong items and sent us nut items. Example - we buy bulk cereal that we put into our own containers - and they mix a nut type of cereal in our orders and my girls just use it even though it was different looking - they do not question why - I must be aware of all these things ---
I was just getting the girls trained - now I must train people again - and once again if they are people like last years - useless bumps on a log - not to mention no rapour between me and them that was good.
And besides that they were so pretty - always easier to work with cuties - hey I am a guy............

Well here is another day - more stress

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