Friday, May 24, 2013

More Ranting

Friday, May 24, 2013

Well here it is Friday and I am still working and tomorrow is a work day also. We are having camp open house between 9 and 3. How many days now have I worked in a row? That will be 13 days. Sunday I am off and I hear there are NO more scheduled days after that for a very long time. Overall camp staff are getting tired - but they have been getting time off as program has more staff and are able to rotate to give people time off. However camp is short staffed overall but this week I do see we are up two staff since Monday - but NO replacement for my kitchen as of yet.
There is a good thing if you want to look for an encouraging thought in all this madness. I have always believed that program staff should spend some time doing dishes - they often take the kitchen workers for granted - leaving messes - not helping the kitchen - spending too much time lingering at the table after a meal before they clear it. (I keeping pushing the directors to get tables cleared - talk all you want once the tables are cleared - Kitchen staff including me can not get a break until food is put back into proper storage and for the dish girls they can finish up and get a break after the dishes are washed. If we have to wait for them to be sent to the dish pit that eats time and they are just finishing when it is time to reset for the next meal. -- Just get your tables cleared and talk once that is done... I am not telling you not to talk nor telling you to leave the dinning room - just clear the tables.

Thursday once again we had too meal times as one school left early and one remains until this afternoon. Feeding 65 first sitting and 80 second sitting . It takes time to make grilled cheese sandwiches and today I had to do all my self - taking up a large portion of my morning. Noni was busy baking - salad bar was about ten items less - but that is what happens when you are missing two members of your team -- in the past I would had been more driven to make it all work the same - just because that is my personality - but I notice some passion - some drive is missing this season so far lately....... Yes I am still putting heart and soul in the food I do make - but some something is missing..

Thankfully I have Noni.

Well it is time to go back to the kitchen - another day to earn my keep. Preparation for tomorrow must begin also as I am told to expect 250 to350 people to come for lunch during our camp open house .
The owner wants a full salad bar and his wife wants us to serve mac and cheese along with the Deli Bar of Cold cuts and Soup for the little kids. Well I know from experience the parents will eat both so I need to be prepared... I have been told I will get help - but usually the help form the other staff - well lets just say they created more work for me - I will use their help to clean up the mess I create - and washing pots and there will be lots of pots since we will be cooking many salad bar items like pasta - potato - barley salads.
I will blog more on that tomorrow,,,

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