Thursday, June 20, 2013

A dreaded weekend

Thursday, May 30, 2013

How are you feeling about this upcoming weekend?  
I am dreading this up coming weekend - yes I have to work - and my favorite staff are all off leaving behind the high maintenance ones. Vegetarians - vegan - gluten free and plain picky ones and those who just push my buttons the wrong way - it is going to be a very tough weekend..
- I wonder what would happen if I took a sick day - never had one before at this job - this could be a first...
There is no joy - anticipating this weekend at all -last weekend was good I enjoyed cooking and even made extra fancy snacks and food items to the meals. I don't see that happening this weekend.
I know the staff talked about the "treats" I did last weekend to the other staff who were off - I hope the working staff for this weekend don't think they will be getting the same treatment - it just won't happen. YES my meals will be good and tasty - I hope - but the passion and extra's probably will not be.
Unhappy cook - unhappy food - I hope the food is good just because -- won't be fair to the group otherwise. However if I concentrate on the guests and put the love there and just throw together the high maintenance staff foods I might just survive.

I am still without a full crew - no news of potential replacements as of yet. I know the other staff are becoming tired of their double duties..

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