Thursday, June 20, 2013


The new kitchen helper - a young lad - shy but a good worker.
As we talk I get to know him a little - he is a night owl - and does not eat breakfast he told me the first day. Interesting- on day three he ate breakfast of scrambled eggs and bacon - and today he ate a stack of pancakes and a waffle or two. He came in a little late this morning - however he still got his work done in time. Then he told me that last night after work he went straight to bed and slept all night. He didn't even go hang out with the other staff during their fun night they have once a week. I was teasing him about this as this is what happens to people who get jobs. He was telling me about how hard it is to get a job - he has no work experience and so no  employers would give him a chance. Well I told him he will gain experience here if he stays until the end of summer and then he can create  his resume with a list of duties that he will be doing. Camp will be good for him - interaction with others - and having to deal with so many kitchen responsibilities - hands on training. Talk about on the job training - baptism by fire as some of you know kitchen work is hard - heavy - fast pace and long long hours
Reflecting back about a conversation I once had with my son...
My son is a good cook - he has worked in many restaurants over the years -- one day he came to another camp I was working at for a visit and decided he would he would be my helper for the day. By the end of the day he was exhausted. He could not believe how hard camp kitchen work was even though he put 's long hours in at the restaurant that he worked at.

Working in a camp kitchen is not easy - it is not like a restaurant. 

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