Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Weekend ended

Monday, June 03, 2013 Weekend is over - food was good - met all the food special menu needs with flying colors. The two vegan people that I fed -- my wife and I both said they looked sickly. They were thin and drawn out like they had been on the adventures with Frodo or something like that. The kids were polite and friendly and ate modestly.
Wondering about the issues with the staff - well - lets just say - there was a difference between last week and this week and they know it. So today I had a little chit chat with the camp owner. He is not exactly happy - but I held my ground - specially when it came to the one staff member telling me that she was doing me a favor by doing my dishes and pot and pans -- well I could had handled that conversion a little better - but I told him I would not tolerate a self righteous self entitled person like that talking to me in that way. Period. Besides they are not doing me favors I didn't fire the kitchen crew..

Sunday afternoon the kitchen is cleaned - salad bar put away and out the door - on the road by two, Noni and I went to Brohm Lake Park. Of course one of my objectives was to Geo cache.
Mission was to go to the view point over looking the Tantalus mountain range.
What a great view. Last year before I started Geo caching I went looking for this site - but the trail signs are not very good at pointing the correct way to go and I ended up back at the lake. This year I had my GPS - arriving at the same location that I took the wrong turn last summer this time following the GPS I went the correct way. The hike was interesting - trees toppled over pulling apart a board walk and at another spot steps upside down for no apparent reason. My guess is that some young people were bored so they wanted to do mischief. As I approached the cache, I had to share the area with mugglers who were sitting taking pictures and enjoying the view also. By the time I was nearing the cache for a second. The first time I had walked right past it concentrating on the views so now that I had taken my pictures I was determined to locate this cache. By this time they had all left the area so it was an easy cache to find even though the GPS had me a few meters away - but the hint made all the difference and Noni and I had the area to ourselves. What a perfect afternoon - the sun was shining and the view was amazing. I could had sat on the rocks soaking in the sun for another hour or two but we didn't.
After seeking the cache at Tantalus view and we heading back down to the Cheakamus loop trail. Since we had lots of time before dark and I have never hiked this trail and the sign post said it was only one kilometer we took it. Something went wrong. My GPS lost satellite signal for over half an hour and we missed a turn so ended walking a very long distance from the parking lot at Brohm Lake.
Eventually we did find the correct trail again and we headed back to the Brohm Lake. Well just before we came to the last junction in trails again leading to the final lag of the journey my GPS kicked backed in and indicated that I was near another cache I had programed to find. So we stopped to find this with the only hint being to the left of a small stump. My Magellan eXplorist 310 brought me to ground zero but it is 12 meters out even as I signed the log book. Fork in the Road - well that tells me to go closer to the area where I have to make those choices of trails to take. So with the hint and the name I was able to find my second cache of this month.
The whole time we were hiking I was looking for bears - we had left Dalhouise home in the cabin as I was afraid of him being eaten by a cougar. My only concern was running into a bear.
Well to end the day we did meet a bear - but we were safe in the car as we drove home. Only issue is that where we seen the bear is where I walk near the camp..

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