Sunday, June 23, 2013

Full Weekend Ends

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Second day of the weekend was relaxing yet packed full of restful times.
As I wrote about yesterday at the mining museum - I bought at the mining store a gold panning pan.

OK today I once again stayed in bed a little longer than I usually do - woke up and drove the half hour to church - stayed along time after just talking to friends then it was a visit to my Mom's place.
We stopped at Tim Horton's Doughnut coffee shop on the way and selected three French Vanilla coffee's. She was so surprised and happy for her treat and to see us - in what order - not so sure :)
After this visit and a stop at A&W for a bite to eat; I got to go find a GEO Cache. I am happy..... found quite fast.
After this it was a trip down to the Squamish River where I tried my first go at panning for Gold. I don't think there was any success in this as I really don't know what I am looking for. I did see a golden stone a couple of times and discarded it - I am sure it was not gold - but it could have been - I am clueless. I guess I need to do some researching.

So now I am discovering more about my true nature - Geo caching - now panning for gold is awaking that primitive nature to find treasure ....
my wife really is being to wonder about her child she married.....

So this ends my two days OFF - when will this happen again?? I have no idea. The new staff are arriving one by one - it is good to see some returning staff who I respect.
My dishwasher person has come back - this is good - I had some concerns about this.. but he is here now and he has informed me he has a friend who is applying for the second position. So it might be that we replace two girls for two guys - how interesting...

Throwing my hands up in the air and let what come what may..........

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