Sunday, June 23, 2013

End of spring Season

Friday, June 21, 2013

Today - this day 21 of June is the last day of the Spring Camp Season. Our camp season is divided into three seasons. Spring - Summer - Fall. Duh ... is what you want to reply to me eh! Spring and Fall we cater to school group for two or three days stays here at camp with the occasional school group staying longer. Last week we had 157 souls to feed for four days - grades six and seven. Do you know how much food young lads of that age can consume? Lets say I do not have much left over food and we were extremely busy keeping up with the demand of the bottomless pits.
Observational note I made to Noni - these people eat just because they can - it is available so they eat - kind of like us when we went to Mexico. We attacked that buffet line not once but twice and some times three times - not because we were hungry - but because the food looked so good and we could - and had to make sure we got our money worth..
So when school groups come they stay on an average eight meals at a time - with one meal being a crossover with another school arriving - usually on Wednesday where we have double the people and two meal times. This Thursday was no exception - we had the 157 plus a tiny school of 35 to do an overnight stay. This last school to finish the season is a local one. The owner daughter attends this school who is in grade three or four -- so tiny - so small. Now I have some extra self proclaimed stress - I know the owner started the camp in many ways for this purpose -- his family - his daughters - so he wants to be a proud father and a proud business owner showing off his achievements to his local peers -- maybe yes - maybe no - human nature - I know I would if I was in his shoes... The twist... it is not just these little ones - that would be a peace of cake to do with our eyes closed....
It must be a secret reality TV show !!! my paper has numbers of 50 and on the last meal of the last day - no numbers just a note saying family BBQ. I am tired - and did not clue in when I did my order to feed 50. Soon afterwards I get an email from the owner 125 have registered to come and a possibility of 80 more.
YES - you read that correct -so right now I am waiting for a food delivery to provide food for tonight's supper. Going to keep it simple the owner says - hotdogs and hamburgers and a full salad bar to feed 180 souls of all ages. To keep my life full of spice - it is raining so everything will be done inside.
Then -- yes there is more - tonight after they leave is Staff Party to end the spring Season. I don't have to cook - I don't have to do anything but come - I think over to the owners house - he has catered this from a local restaurant or company.. This school is to leave at 6:30 - then the staff party begins.. we will see if I go Noni and I will be so exhausted after this school's meal -I have been asked three different times if I was going to the staff party.. I really don't know... this morning as I write this...

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