Thursday, June 20, 2013

Pain and soreness in the back

Sunday, June 16, 2013

The new mattress arrived - it is making our backs more sore than the mattress we just bought in April.
OK I will begin from the start. I had bought a mattress from a co worker two years ago to use in the cabin before my wife arrived from Indonesia. The first year we used it she complained it was not so good - so this winter in January I went to Sleep country to purchase a mattress for home - another problem mattress. I bought a condo and then a bed room set at the Brick the day she was to arrive in Canada. That mattress is also causing our backs to hurt. So in January when all the sales were on I bought a mattress for home use and another for the cabin at work. In April they delivered the one to the cabin - it was the wrong size a double when we have a queen box spring. We have been to busy to deal with it - but the last couple of weeks we noticed it was sagging so we called up and asked for a replacement and an upgrade.
Wow my back has been in so much pain since they delivered this new mattress that is larger and cost three hundred dollars more -- I must call them today (Sleep country) to see what we can do about this - I think I will put on the original mattress which I have kept until we can find a mattress that will not hurt our backs - this winter another person moves into the cabin to live for the winter months so this is why I kept the original mattress - I am not providing a new mattress to the person moving in when I move out the owner of the camp should be doing this since I live here six months and then leave, for six months.

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