Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A dull day

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I was right - all day I was not feeling so well. I had a relaxing day at home. Well kind of.
I took Dalhouise for his walk at Alice Lake Provincial park - reset the coordinates of a cache I placed - they were off 60 feet.. and then I went back to the area where I want to hide another cache. I think I have the right coordinates for that one - and so I have submitted this to be published.
Watching TV - just taking it easy. The phone rings - on the other end is a panicky voice telling me to come down to the font door right away. --- I am the president of the strata council - Someone has almost ran into the building with their car. A tow truck is there when I go down - the building is safe but the car's front tire is twisted and bent very much out of shape. Ah just a little bit of excitement for the day.
No one was hurt - I think the driver is a new driver and hit the gas petal instead of the break.. I feel sorry for her -- consequences will follow,,, - and years later she will be reminded of this event --

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