Thursday, March 28, 2013

Geo caching

Now I am officially finished all the geo caches in Squamish. There are seven more at the Chief that involves going up - which I might try later in late April or May - Stawamus Chief. Elevation, 702 m (2,303 ft). Prominence, 417 m (1,368 ft). Location, British Columbia, Canada ... but that is very hard on my legs - knees.
Three more are on my watch list - they are missing - once they are replaced or found I will be alerted and I will go look for them. So where does that leave me -- I must travel towards Vancouver 52 km = 32 miles. There are some closer but I have already found these. I have found 100 caches. Not bad considering I only started 10 Feb.
Whistler is about the same distance - and on the way there are caches - but that area is still in the grips of winter- I won't think about this area till June or July.

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