Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Seattle USA

Monday, March 25, 2013

What a great weekend in Seattle / Bellingham. Like I said we got across the border quite fast with little hassle. Went to Costco as it closed - but first used the facilities then took a walk around the area and found a geo cache in the dark and then checked into a near by hotel. Had a good soaking in the whirl pool - woke up early and went back to search for more caches but could not find the one I was seeking. I wanted to get to Seattle early to begin the searching and to show Noni the famous Pikes Market and to see the Seattle Aquarium so we left Bellingham with the intentions to come back the next day to shop and search for more caches.
I think over all we hiked up and down two or three times those stairs from the water front to the market. Then there were all those side streets looking for caches. I found several but all so small - nanos -- how do you hide TB in that size. You can't.

Hungry - so we ate at the Crab Pot

Pikes Market

Seattle Aquarium

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