Thursday, March 7, 2013



Thursday, March 07, 2013

I love spring like weather. This morning I was out geocaching for three hours. I found my first cache within minutes of beginning the search. My second cache - well once again I started on a wrong trail - climb a large boulder - trail ended with me looking down both at the GPS arrow and the end of a path on top of the rock. I had to find away around the huge rock - so I back track and try walking the wrong way around it with the GPS telling me I was off course.. Ah -- I go back to the parking lot to get into the open to have a clear satellite reading when I noticed a trail headed into the woods - so I begin following this path and the GPS says I am on the right course.. I hike into the woods to the edge of this rock where I was standing before - keep going climbing up more hills. I found my cache with a little more circling - this is a popular climbing / bouldering rock I am next too and there are many little paths that lead to the rock and away from my hidden cache. I go here and there - eventually I find it.
Third cache I seek - so frustrated again. More so because I did not find it. First problem - finding the right trail - I went on many goose chases onto trails that just ended up on a high cliff. I wandered for a very long time in the middle of no where.... When I did find a path that the GPS said I should follow and I was getting closer I came to a fork in the trail one going up the cliff and one going along the bottom - I chose to go up - the GPS never said I was off course - why would it I was paralleling the lower trail - up - up I went - scarey - slippery - determined to find it. I climb a manage to get to a top of this gigantic hill. After walking about up there I decided it must be on the lower trail so down I go. But first to stop and admire the scenery - the view was awesome. Going back down to the fork in the trail I take the lower road - (trail) . The GPS is telling me I am good - distance is getting lower and I am remaining in the zone. I get to the spot where I think the cache should be because of a hint given - but the GPS is off by 150 meters so I keep going - The Morning is getting late - my wife will be worrying about me - I know I have to stop and go home - but I keep searching. I get within 50 meters - walk in circles - never found ground zero - came to another rock pile that was described in the hint - NO luck - but I know I must return home - I have spend hours searching for this cache - THREE hours to be exact. I force myself to stop and return home- I am hungry - I am wet from all the undergrowth I had passed through and my legs hurt from all those false trails and climbing up little mountains

and I was correct - my wife was worried about meas I returned home just after 11am - left the house7:30am

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