Sunday, March 17, 2013

St. Patric day

A no rain day - this is always a good thing after so many days of hard - hard rain. So early this morning I walk Dalhouise for 45 minutes - he must be getting soft again for he had a hard time keeping up. Came home woke up my wife - hurriedly we ate breakfast and headed out the door to attend church. Meal day - I love these days and the were serving my favorite - BBQ hamburgers and hot dogs. I was good I only ate one of each - not two or three like the past normal eating habit. I had a little bit of salad - coleslaw and macaroni. I know I am way over the calorie range - but what the heck had to be social.
When we finally came home - I told Noni lets go for a walk at Alic Lake Provincial Park - she was all for this so changing our clothes out the door we went for a two hour hike in the woods. I must inform you that the route we took was not a level plateau - but we climbed a very steep trail - switch back (loops back on it self because it is so steep) -- hearts were pounding and legs were burning. Up we went - we only went to the top to go to Edith Lake to check on my cache - it is right where I placed it - I am still looking for the original ground zero - still remains a mystery. Spent some time there searching for ground zero - no luck so back down we go - did not hike the Four lakes trail today - but went back down to Alice Lake and walked around this. I plan on creating another Geocache - I found the perfect hiding place - set a waypoint - will later try to input this into geocahing .com. Just for the heck of it I went searching for a cache that I have not been able to find in the past -I am sure it has been muggled (stolen) -- but low and behold- I found it.
I do not believe it... I have been searching on the wrong side of the trail. What is with the GPS ???- one day it has me on the far side of the trail - another time farther up the trail - once it even told me while I was standing in the middle of the parking lot I had arrived. Today after I found it - it said I still had to go 4metres more... Oh well success today is all that matters - I have one more happy face on my geocaching home page.


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