Saturday, March 2, 2013



Saturday, March 02, 2013

The rains ceased a little this morning and so I went for it - took Dalhouise out to find a couple of geocaches. I found one real quick but the other --well! I was following a trail - then the hard gravel path turned into a stream of water running down it's path. I walk through this - then there is a rickety wooden bridge crossing a hollow - then a wooden log cut into steps leading up the side of a rock. I go over and up all this to find my self facing another steep climb - No not today I turned back to head home - I will return on a sunny day with out the Dalhouise. I should read all the directions before I go and attempt some of these catches - I know I have said that before - I am a slow learner. Once you reach the top - the cache also offers a panoramic view of the Howe Sound / Squamish. I did not have the good camera with me only the water proof one -so I figure if I am going to do this I will wait for a sunny - clear day and make the most of the opportunity and take lots of pictures. But now that I know what I have to cross again - I was scared - I have an extreme fear of heights and my balance is not the same as pre accident. So there it is -- the fear of the trail or the conquering and thrill of the hunt are at war with each other - What will win?

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