Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I will pay for this

Monday, March 18, 2013

Another day back in the big city of Vancouver. Drove my mother back to Metrotown to buy the bed sheets she didn't buy on Friday and my wife bought a purse she had looked at. Next stop was the food court - where Noni and I shared a huge plate of westernize Chinese food. Loaded with salt and who knows what.... Then we took my mother into Penningtons to shop - I had gave her a gift card for Christmas from there and she had money back from her income tax - she is very happy she bought several items that she really did need. --- I left her in that store and went walking with Noni - I had no desire to hang around a clothing store for large people so out I went just to walk around...I always eat to much when I go shopping - and then there was the Costco hot dog.. Later my mother tried to get me to go purchase some pizza - I drew the line there - NO!
I had already to many bad foods for the day. I ate a piece of mango fruit and drank water instead. Then I accused my mother of trying to keep me large....
So most the day I was on my feet walking - that is a good thing - but so much chemical enriched process foods - I will pay for that - you just wait and see.
Finally it was my turn to indulge in some fun for me. I drove to Horseshoe to do some geocaching. First one was part of a puzzle (didn't realize this at first- so wasted some time looking). Gave up on this one and went searching for a second one near by -- I was so close but do you think I can find it - NO success.
OK - I gave up on this one and went looking for a third cache. I went to the coordinates - sat on a rock and wondered what was going on - there is no way the cache is at this location. So I reread the description and hint. OK this is the right coordinates but from here I must go down - OK there are stairs going down to the ocean - I head down - taking the clues from the hint - I go under the pier - and look where I think it should be - not there. I go a few feet to a spot I can stand up straight and just look around - and there it is in plane sight. I sign the log book - happy to have found at least one today.
Then it is time to drive home - I am very tired..

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