Thursday, March 14, 2013

Doctors and Geocaching

Another day to drive to Vancouver in the pouring rain - then it stopped for a tiny bit - then it began again.
My mother had doctors appointments in the "big city" and I was designated as the driver. OK check out the geocache map and input caches into my GPS, that are near her doctors. My wife takes her to the doctors office and I go park the car. Not planned but it worked out perfectly for me - there are two caches so close to where I parked the car, so even before I enter into the doctors office I was able to find my first cache of the day. I go to the office - check in to make sure my Mom is OK - she has to wait for a while so Noni and I go search for the second cache. I find the location fast - but do you think I can find the hidden cache itself. No - NO - no.
I was checking out a garbage container when this lady shows up and says excuse me I need to use this - and drops a doggie bag of poo into the container., The hint said 4m from the statute - and is magnetic. So using my learned experiences I check all over the place it should be looking for what I have found in the past. Finally I had to stop and return to get my mother. From this doctor office we go to another doctors office - and once again I go to try one more search of the area. Success -- almost right away I found it by pure luck - Yes I re looked everywhere I looked before - no it is not there- then I just happened to look at a sign magnetically stuck on a metal box - no it can't be ! - I move it and I found it. I am so happy...
Back to pick up my mother - then off to do a job interview with a potential staff for camp this up coming season. Success - I think she would be perfect for the job... must check her references..
But before this - we walk past a place that sales - rents wheel chairs. My mother needs a push wheel chair - she has this huge power one - but this prevents her from going with us when ever we do day trips - it won't fit in the car... so now she buys a used one - we can take her with us to our favorite mall and other places - I have been trying to get her to do this for two years now.. Success...
The rains begin again -

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