Friday, March 8, 2013

More of Geocaching

More of geocaching

Friday, March 08, 2013

I am so tired - going to bed very soon - and it is only 8:45pm. This morning I was out geocaching just after 7am came home at 10. I trying to located a brand new cache that was posted last night - the first to find (FTF) is a privilege - and as being the FTF - I got a two dollar coin. Of course this meant I did lots of walking - I even went back to the place I was yesterday and beyond -- but this time I found my cache. Home for about an hour then out the door again to meet up with my mother and did some walking around downtown with her. Ate lunch at a popular restaurant - and then more walking with my mother -then home. Shortly after we arrived home Noni and I and Dalhouise went to Alice lake Provincial park to place a new cache that I have adopted last night. I was contacted by an owner who did not want his caches anymore - I offered to take them over - he agreed and so today I went to their locations. One was missing for over a year so I totally replaced that one. The other one I changed the log book and some of it s contents - making it a little more appealing. Tomorrow the forecast is warm and sunny and so I wanted to make sure my new caches are up and ready for visitors on the weekend. I am assuming there will be people out geocaching on the weekend. Early this morning I went to the dollar shop while I was out walking to pick up some Easter and Saint Patric items to place in caches to celebrate the upcoming holidays.

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